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"What Console Again?": The Multi-platform Console Distaster

It's a popular question when considering the purchase of a video game console; "which one should I get?" Unfortunately, this issue isn't made any easier by the overwhelming amount of systems available on the market today and the multiple versions that go along with it. The funny part is, or perhaps the irony in all of this, is the cold hard fact that there are really only four big companies competing for the top spot: Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and Apple. Although we like to try and deny it, Apple's mobile platform, iOS has spun off to become the most popular gaming platform with the most popular online gaming service. Likewise, Microsoft and Sony both have very popular online services, Xbox Live and the Playstation Network. Nintendo, on the other hand, doesn't yet have a main multiplayer social gaming service beyond online stores and wi-fi connection in-game. Yet somehow, each company either can't make up it's mind on hardware. The software story is fi

Bigger, Badder, More Refined: The Mac OS X Lion Review

Apple's flagship operating system, Mac OS X, has been around for a decade, with major releases rolling out once every two to three years- unlike it's competitor, Microsoft Windows. Interestingly enough, with each new software update comes not just visual and usability improvements, but also performance and noticeable OS speed changes that always seem to benefit the end user. With the seventh major revision to Mac OS X, a lot is expected from an OS that dares to call itself a lion. But, as it turns out, this name is the best way to define Apple's robust computing platform. Let us begin! User Interface Apple is perhaps one of the best companies when it comes to delivering a solid, speedy UI that appeals to both consumer and professional users. On the consumer end of the spectrum, simplicity is a key factor that dictates how fast simple tasks are accomplished. The same goes for experienced users who wish not to toggle with an OS to make it work, but to jump in and jump out wit