Max Joseph Bleich is a writer and Masters candidate at Tel Aviv University. Max holds his B.A. in Judaic Studies from UC and a Graduate Certificate in Judaic Studies from the same institution. Max has served as Online Editor-in-Chief and Opinion Editor for The Beachcomber, and served as Editor-in-Chief of TheTechTile, where he wrote editorials and briefs regarding the consumer electronics industry, politics, and the like. Today, this website is a home for Max's past work in TheTechTile as well as his newer political writings from The Times of Israel.

Among other ventures, Max has been published multiple times in The American Israelite, a leading Jewish publication based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, and in The Times of Israel Online. Max is an Ohio Scholastic Media Association award-winning columnist and reporter, and has worked in journalistic reporting for ten years. To contact Max, reach him by email at bleichmj@gmail.com.

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