Monday, July 25, 2016

Thank You, Bernie.

I cried last night. I cried because I knew the incredible campaign Bernie Sanders had created was coming to an end. I cried because I have never fallen so in love with a politician before, because never before have I found a figure that I resonated with quite this much. I cried because I knew Bernie has already changed this country for the better, even if he didn't win the nomination.

So now we must all say: 

Thank you, Bernie. Thank you for believing in us, even when we didn't believe in ourselves. Thank you for starting a political revolution that brought people of all walks of life together. Thank you for empowering people to stand up and take action against injustice. Thank you for pursuing justice in the way you always have and we always needed to. 

Thank you for calling out the frightening decline of the middle class and the need to address the major issue of economic inequality and how the top one tenth of the top one percent of people in this country own more wealth than the bottom ninety percent. 

Thank you for advocating for a real living wages, instead of taking cues from the other guy who wants to abolish the federal minimum wage altogether. 

Thank you for always fighting for civil rights. Whether it be the rights of African Americans, the LGBTQ+ community, Latinos, Muslims and everyone in this country who has been marginalized and mistreated- thank you, Bernie, for fighting for them. Thank you for fighting for all of us.

Thank you for defending a woman's right to choose, and thank you for recognizing that the government has no place deciding what a woman does with her body. And while we're at it, thank you for always advocating for equal pay for men and women. It is ridiculous that we live in a country where both of these things are still a YUGE issue. 

Thank you for having a strong voice for the American people to listen to regarding the devastating realities of Climate Change. You have listened to the pleas of the scientific community and you have recognized their expertise and taken their advice to heart. You believe in leaving behind a sustainable home for our children and our children's children, and for that we thank you.

Thank you for your fight for tuition-free college. You recognized that there were too many young people being bogged down and having their lives consumed by student loan debt, and you sought to change it. Now, the Democratic Party Platform has adopted a large portion of your proposal, which is incredible. When many of us leave school and are able to live our lives untainted by immense debt we will remember how hard you fought, and for that, we thank you. 

Thank you for conceding the election to Secretary Clinton. You know that this election wasn't about Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or even Donald Trump. This election was about moving America forward and progressing us into a new century of excellence that builds off the legacy of Barack Obama.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of valuing everyone. You know it doesn't matter where people come from, what they believe in, who they love or how they identify themselves. You know that our differences only bring us closer together. We thank you- all of us, not just a few. 

Thank you, Bernie. Your revolution shaped the Democratic Party. Your revolution impacted our country irrevocably. Our children and their children will look back and study the incredible movement you started in this country. You may have lost the battle, but you won the war. Thank you for fighting. Thank you for being you

Quick Convention Recap (7/25/16)

First of all, it was incredibly refreshing to watch a convention that was marked not by chaos, anger and fear, but rather love, unity and forward thinking. Second, I think we can all agree that tonight was emotional for many people, myself included. I nearly came to tears near the end of Michelle Obama's speech and was sobbing privately while Bernie Sanders spoke. 

The true power in the words of Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey kept everyone on their feet- in Philadelphia and at home. It almost makes you wonder why Clinton didn't have Booker higher up on her shortlist, but that's forgivable considering his youth and how fresh he is to the US Senate. 

Who can forget the emotional and personal convictions of Michelle Obama, a woman who is perhaps the most graceful and popular FLOTUS in American history, words with such power and truth as, "I wake up every morning in a house built by slaves" and "don't let anyone tell you that our country isn't great, that somehow we need to make it great again, because right now, this is the greatest country on earth." How incredible it was that Obama was able to say everything she needed to say about the 2016 Election while completely omitting the name of Donald Trump. One thing is agreeable: there has never been and will never be again someone like Michelle Obama in the White House. Tonight was further evidence of how greatly she will be missed.

Senator Elizabeth Warren knocked it out of the figurative park tonight with her incredible charge against Donald Trump, calling him "a man who only cares for himself." But she also attempted to reach out to the multitude of disenfranchised electorate by imploring them, "Now is not the time to stand by. Now is the time to stand up. Now is the time to say no. No. Not here. Not in these United States of America."

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