Monday, September 14, 2015

On iPad Pro

It's no secret that tablets have taken the world by storm. 

When Steve Jobs famously unveiled the "magical" iPad for the first time in 2010, more than 5 years ago now, critics both marveled at its simplicity and spat at its ability. Nobody could have dreamed that it would make up almost all 10% of all PC sales and over 20% of all tablets sold. 

But it did. And even still the iPad continues to climb in popularity. 

So it's no secret that the best step for Apple was to develop a rival to the now ubiquitous Microsoft Surface. And they did. 

The iPad Pro is nothing short of a marvel. It packs a killer new A9X processing unit, which, graphics included, is worlds faster than the existing fastest iPad Air 2. With 4 GB of RAM for killer productivity, this is unlike anything we have seen in an iOS device before. What's even more impressive and exciting is a 12.9" display that runs iOS as beautifully and powerfully as iPad Pro. 

But what really makes the iPad Pro the ultimate surface killer isn't the specs, it isn't the display, and it isn't the name. Rather, it's the simplicity and continuity of the iPad line. 

The Pro remains a simple continuance of the iPad legacy. It's nothing more or less a giant iPad with the ability to connect to a killer folding keyboard and use a professional stylus. And yet, the iPad Pro is so different and so advanced. It's the most powerful iOS device to ever leave the factory. For many, it will become the only computer one would need. For most, it is the logical next step if you're already locked into a house or business full of Apple devices. 

For the company, this isn't a hard sell. It has the trusted legacy and beauty of previous products with the advancements of a device that it seems Apple was always dreaming of creating. 

Personally, I'm super excited to get my hands on what I believe to be the no-holds-barred future of computing. And unlike in 2010, I'm willing to bet most critics aren't so skeptical at such a statement. 

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