Monday, March 9, 2015

I Want an Apple Watch, And You Should Too

I know I'm not alone when I say I want an Apple Watch.
I really, really, REALLY want an Apple Watch.

Well, I really want the $10,000+ rose gold Apple Watch with the white sport strap, but I'm not sure I have the resources for that right now. So I'll probably just settle for the Apple Watch Sport, the lower end of the Apple luxury watch spectrum, slated to be rolling out on shelves on April 24; which, according to Apple, still counts as "Early 2015".

But, I don't think people really understand how big of a moment this is. Honestly, I don't think anyone understood the significance of Apple's Macintosh introduction in 1984, or the Powerbook in 1991, or the iMac in 1998, or the iPod in 2001, or the iPhone in 2007, or the...

I think you get my point.

The Apple Watch, although facing criticism from many (and much more praise from most), is yet another game changer for Apple and the consumer electronics industry. Just as Macintosh, Powerbook, iPod, iPhone, and iPad changed the way we live our lives every single day, the Apple Watch will also join the ranks.

But the watch isn't just a big move in the consumer electronics industry, it is also Apple's entry into the fashion world and proof that Apple can make luxury products in every sense of the word.

Apple is so sure of its relevance in the fashion industry, that it paid what amounts to almost $2.3MM just to place a 12-page spread on the product in Vogue.

What else do we now know about the Apple Watch?

It's the future.

We now live in a world where, very soon, we will be living the (no longer) fantasies of The Jetsons and Dick Tracy with the ability to easily communicate with our world and the people in it using a magic box strapped to our wrists. And, despite what many will tell you, the thing IS affordable.

I think we as a society are so spoiled by the abilities of our smartphones that we seem to forget that there is a world around us. I'm guilty of it too. So, what is the solution? Look at your incredible space-age futuristic magical screen toy less, of course. But you won't. You're an information junkie.

SOLUTION: make a device that delivers information that YOU want, and nothing else, let it be your companion, and make it easy to glance at and respond to notifications so that we can all get on with our lives.

Because, you know, the clock is ticking after all. The Apple Watch, if anything, is an investment on the time that matters to you. If you give a damn about living the lives your parents and grandparents did, unburdened by smartphones and screens on every wall and toaster, then consider a wearable such as the Apple Watch.

But more so, do it because you can hail an Uber from it, safely and easily handle money with it, share your heartbeat with it, change your music with it, monitor your health and activity with it, and most importantly, live your life with it. 

The Apple Watch is many things, but of these things that it happens to be, the damned thing isn't here yet. Unfortunately, we have another month before we can even preorder the device, let alone purchase it outright.

Which really sucks, because I really want an Apple Watch.

When will I get one, you ask? Only time will tell.

Quick Deets on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch Sport starts at $349 (38 mm), $399 (42 mm)
Apple Watch starts at $549 (38 mm) and goes up to $1049*
Apple Watch Edition starts at $10,000 and goes up to $17,000*

*Price depends on configuration of strap with casing


  1. I have not watched the keynote as of yet, but I am curious as to what separates these from all of the other smart watches on the market currently?

    1. Currently, the Apple Watch is the only device to fully integrate with iPhone and iOS fully to take advantage of its sensors and utilities in ways many android compatible devices and the Pebble cannot.

      Also, the Apple Watch has a UI that is so far unmatched on other platforms.

      For other points, I would check out the keynote.