Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My New Blogging Project


In case none of you have come to figure this out yet, I have gone gun-ho on Chrome OS, namely, the Chromebook. I have replaced my broken machines with two Chromebooks: one provided to me by my High School (The Samsung Series 3 ARM-based unit) and another I bought myself (the C7 with a 4GB boost to the RAM). For the next school year (2013-2014) I have made the decision to leave OS X and Windows in the name of experimentation. That's right, I will not use either OS for the rest of this school year.

Why are you doing this?

I have a lot of reasons for this transition. My main reason is to break away from the tradition desktop space and see how feasible it is to live solely in the cloud. I feel that the future in desktop computer, like mobile computing, is about to see drastic change, and I don't wish to be left behind. Instead, I want to jump ahead, make the change, and move on to the cloud. Google is the first company with the balls to cut the cords of the desktop and move on to fast, light, responsive, care-free, and easy-to-operate computing as their selling model. I think this is amazing, and I want to see what it is like to take on a life completely on the web.

The other big reason I'm making the jump is for the sake of ease-of-mind. I have had many different personal computers throughout the years. Everything from Macs and PCs to desktops and laptops running every version of each OS imaginable has been in my arsenal. Every one of these devices has a major flaw. For every one, I struggled with at least one major technical issue. For my iBook, it was Hard Drive failure. For my second iBook, the logicboard simply gave out, for my MacBook, it was a lot of things (although I have been able to resurrect it for the time being), and finally, for my beloved Dell Vostro laptop running Ubuntu, the parts surrounding the screen gave way and it became too costly to have the labor done (or do it myself) on the laptop.

When I first used a ChromeBook, it was a Cr-48 Google shipped to me. I kinda liked it, but there were too many issues. For one, the trackpad was total shit. Also, the processor simply didn't have the power that any of my other machines did, and as a result easily failed from simple online multitasking.

The Samsung Chromebook was a different story. It allowed me to love Chrome OS again, and after a while I became so accustomed to using the OS, that it didn't make sense to do it any other way. It's cheap, thin, light, easy-to-use, fast, and best of all, it gives me peace-of-mind. If anything happens to it, replacement is affordable. Everything of importance is online, so I don't need to worry about losing anything. If I need to, I can refresh the OS, bringing it back to factory state, in only a few minutes.

This is everything computing is meant to be. Fast, easy, seamless, and safe. That is Google's model with Chrome OS. Although somewhat limited, I have found a solution to (almost) everything I need to do on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly basis with a computer. The only thing I can't do is game (thanks, Xbox) or burn discs. But again, this isn't what the laptop is meant to do, so this is extremely excusable.

The Conditions.

For everything I do, I must involve the Chromebook somehow. I mean everything: browsing the web, email, word processing, enjoying media, running my site, editing images, coding, reading... you name it, it must be done on either of my Chromebooks.

I will blog all moments of Chrome weakness: because Chrome isn't perfect, and I will get frustrated sometimes. But there will be a solution, and it will be on the Chromebook.

There are some things I still need my MacBook for: I still need to burn discs, I still need a way to access and update my iTunes, and I still need ways to access bittorrent clients. I will use the MacBook, but ONLY for these purposes, and nothing else. Or else, this isn't a break away, now is it?


Leave a comment below, send me a message, follow me on twitter, and read this site EVERY DAY for my latest updates on this project. As expected, most of the usual content will be here, albeit without anything involving PC reviews (my MacBook still works if I find anything worth reviewing).

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