Friday, May 10, 2013

What is the Future of Consumer Electronics? My Own Views, Here.

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about a tech future. And this is in no way not related to Google Glass. The concept behind Google's newest and coolest accessory to our phones is so much more than just an accessory: It's a totally new way to interact with information. I mean, sure, we've had the ability to use voice-control and swipe gestures... but to have those things both on the side of your head with a mounted display that is only there when needed- that my friends, is the future.

Google is trying to find a way to bring us away from our phones, while at the same time bringing us closer to them and allowing us to be more productive with them. It's hard to pay attention to two things at once. Humans are NOT meant to multitask. It's been proven time and time again. However, Google Glass wants you to break from your natural tendencies, and instead opt for multitasking with a catch. You interact by seeing in the background. This basically means that you can do what you need to do, but with a tiny distraction in the upper right corner of your right cornea. That's it. Nothing more. You know Master Chief's HUD (heads up display) that shows you his remaining life and a bullet count? It's the same damned thing. Only this time, you aren't heavily reliant on the status of bullets in your weapon (at least I really hope not).

But the thing is, Google Glass forces us to adapt to the Jetsonian (is that a word now?) concept that technology is really meant to be EVERYWHERE, on EVERYONE, and in EVERYTHING. But Google Glass doesn't want to get in your way, either. It wants to help you when you need it too. You aren't supposed to use Glass all the time... or else you'd go mad. Instead, you use Glass as your personal assistant. If this concept still hurts to think about, consider the following. A secretary is nice to have, gets the job done when you ask, and stays in the background, doing things for you and becoming available when necessary  Glass is your secretary. And Google wants to give you one.

But see, this is it! This is what we as a society, no, as a human race, has been looking for for decades since we made computers a thing. We use them because they make us faster, more productive, and thus more efficient. We can do more in less time. We progress more. And that's all Glass asks of you: to allow you to do more, without really having to think about it.

So for a moment please, think. THINK. Is it REALLY THAT BAD if Glass enters your lives and the lives of others? What is so bad about being able to get more done, and then being able to live more of your life? I don't think there's anything bad about that. Jake Barnes from The Sun Also Rises once said that "enjoying living was learning to get your money's worth and knowing when you had it." If you opt into this new futuristic technology, you not only live more and get your money's worth, but you also get the assurance you aren't buying into something that will yet again control your life. Think about it. Let it all in. And when Google dumps a Glass at your door, take it out, and embrace it. That's all a man can do, after all.

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