Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Predicting iOS 7: What Can We Expect

iOS-7So, WWDC is coming up in a couple of weeks, Tim Cook just laid down the law at D11, and I gotta say- I'm getting pretty psyched for iOS 7. So, what exactly can we, the users, expect with iOS 7? Will it be the earth-shattering update we have been waiting for since iOS 4 broke through a few years ago, or will it be more of the same? Here are some of MY predictions for iOS 7. If you don't like them, you can go away. But please don't, I like you. We're still friends right? Okay, let's get started.

Among everything else I will mention, I really want a new interface. iOS's current everything-looks-like-it-must-feel design is getting old... very old. The new look, or rather, the Apple look, is sleeker and cleaner than that. I'm really hoping that iOS 7 brings some of that cleanliness to the table, preferably with a completely overhauled design that, although still true to the original, really leaves me satisfied with a user interface. I have not been satisfied with anything since iOS 4 and I need to be happy dammit.

I would really like to see deeper integration with social services in iOS 7. Namely, I'm looking to be able to do MORE than just tweet and post stuff to facebook when I'm bored on my iPod/iPhone/iPad. Please, Apple, give me some deeper integration.

It would be nice if Apple could allow more third-party API access to the OS. I'm getting sick and tired of getting a different experience in every app, and not having the tight integration of things like Chrome and the Gmail app with iOS. I know Apple and Google are in a little four year old girl sissy fight, but the customer comes first, and it's time I get what I want. I am important ya know.

Finally, something really simple, I want iOS 7 to be faster. Some of us aren't using the latest and greats Apple technologies (until I get an iPhone I'm rocking a 4th Gen iPod touch with iOS 6) and want to feel supported. I almost feel left out not having the speed that others do. Perhaps the simplification of iOS will lead to this. But we can only hope.

Alright folks, that was my wishlist for iOS 7. If you liked it, drop a comment below. If you didn't, try to. If you just wanna say hey to your buddy Max who writes you all this cool stuff, tweet at me @thetechtile or drop a comment on my FB page.

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