Monday, May 20, 2013

App of the Week: Scan for iOS and Android

Part of my new series of specialized articles for every day of the week. These articles must be <150 words in length and include full but quick reviews of whatever topic I am dealing with. The schedule is as follows...

Monday- App of the Week

Tuesday- Game of the Week

Wednesday- My New Favorite Thing

Thursday- Tech I Want

Friday- Coolest Toys

Saturday- OP-ED

Sunday- NOTHING, I get a day off

So, for the app of the week, I have selected Scan for iOS and Android. Scan is really cool because it is the easiest and fastest (contributing to the ease of use) way to interact with all those QR codes you are always seeing everywhere. All you have to do is focus the little boxed area on a QR code blocky thingy, and... BOOM website. BOOM app download. BOOM awesome picture. You get the idea. What is especially great about the app is that it keeps a long list (as long as you want, babe) of QR's you already scanned. Talk about a time saver!  Scan is FREE on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, so how can you possibly go wrong?

Get it HERE:

Apple App Store: CLICK HERE

Google Play Store: CLICK ME I'M PRETTY

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