Monday, March 18, 2013

A Third Steve Jobs Movie is On The Way... From Funny or Die


I kid you not, kids. A third (that's right, THIRD) Steve Jobs Biopic is on its way. From whom you ask? None other than the hilarious folks at Funny or Die. The full length, 60-75 minute film will be loosely based on the life of Steve Jobs, and is titled iSteve.
“In true Internet fashion, it’s not based on very thorough research — essentially a cursory look at the Steve Jobs Wikipedia page,” said Ryan Perez, who wrote and directed “iSteve.” “It’s very silly. But it looks at his whole life.”

You can check out more in the New York Times article, and be sure to check out the film when it rolls out next month.

Source The New York Times

Saturday, March 16, 2013

What Max Is Listening to Today, March 16th 2013

Here is my running playlist for the day. They are all full albums.

About Face- David Gilmour

Things Fall Apart- The Roots

Mule Variations- Tom Waits

Rust Never Sleeps- Neil Young and Crazy Horse

Swoon- The Silversun Pickups

Terrapin Station- The Grateful Dead

Time Out of Mind- Bob Dylan know... in case you were curious.


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Why I Chose an iPod touch Over the Nexus 7


I've been playing with tech toys for years, but I've always wanted a little device that I always have on me that does everything I need it to do: whether it's checking my email (most of what I do), posting snide comments on facebook, favorting hilarious tweets, or playing a game here and there. Oh, and there's one big thing I forgot: listening to music and watching netflix!

Chances are, you know that the iPod touch and the Nexus 7 both share the ability to do all of the things listed without any issues. As true as this may be, I still find myself struggling to choose which one I would keep as my main device. I chose the iPod touch, and here is why.

The iPod touch is tiny, but not too tiny. It's just big enough to give me a view of what I want to see, and small enough to fit in my pockets. I always like to have this do-everything device on me, since my phone isn't ideal for doing anything but texting or calling (it's a Droid Charge for all of you who were wondering). It's pretty fast when performing basic functions and playing casual games, and even with some hardcore titles like The Walking Dead. It's cheap... and I mean cheap. I scored my iPod touch 4th gen for $179 refurbished from Apple. That means I got all the nice perks of a new iPod at a lower price. And the capacity is 32 GB. Isn't that awesome?

But the iPod touch, like most tech, isn't perfect. Sometimes it has terrible moments of lag that make me want to shoot my walls. Sometimes the battery doesn't last as long as I wish it would (but with music it's freaking amazing). Sometimes, iOS does stupid things or throws too many notifications my way. But most of these problems can (and probably will) be solved with software updates.

The Nexus 7 was a completely different animal. It was cheap for a tablet. My 8 GB model (back when that was a thing) was only $199 new. It was able to do everything the iPod could, and maybe it was a little faster. But the Nexus 7 was a lot bigger. It couldn't just fit into my pocket and be convenient. Noooooooo... it had to have its own case! And it would have to be put somewhere safe when I wasn't using it. With my crazy military standard Griffin case, my iPod is always snug, and since it's on my person at all times, I don't have to worry too much about it. The Nexus 7 also took forever to charge, whereas the iPod charges in about an hour to almost full capacity from under 20%.

Overall, the iPod is just more ideal. I like tablets, they're cool and all, but they're not for me. I like having a laptop for productivity moments, and maybe one day I'll get a newer chromebook to take on that roll full time. But when it comes to media and entertainment, I'm sticking to my Xbox, my TV, my Ubuntu Laptop, and my trusty iPod touch.


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