Friday, December 14, 2012

PSA: A Message About the Events in Connecticut

To address today's tragedy with more than just an acknowledgement of it's occurrence, I'd like to lay out my two cents on arms control in the United States. And the reason I specify the US is because this issue is rampant predominantly in the US. The United States and it's citizens not only purchase the largest number of guns on the planet, but we are also responsible for the largest number of gun-related deaths in a first-world country. And for what? Assurance that the grappling fear that we are constantly in danger of harm from the people who are supposed to be our neighbors? I don't think so. Americans are historically fearful of the world, be it the Native Americans, the Africans, the Soviets or any group of people who didn't come from a mostly-white European country. But isn't this "incredible" country the all-accepting, no-neglecting melting pot of everyone?

Whatever the case, you can't change the nature of the beast, but you can restrict him. If we don't ban guns outright, we should at least increase background check requirements beyond what they are now. Oh, and limit ammunition allowances too. And in case any of you hunters were wondering, I'm pretty sure you won't be needing that semi-automatic machine gun to shoot down a buck. I'm pretty sure of it.

And to all those who died on that tragic day, may whatever entity they believe in protect them and find justice for them. Time to wake up America... don't allow another group of victims to die in vain.

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