Thursday, August 16, 2012

The iPhone 5: What To Expect

 So, in case you've been living under a rock without a Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet port, you'd know that Apple's iPhone 5 is absolutely, positively imminent. But just how soon will it be arriving? Well, if the news clues are correct (see what I did there?), then the iPhone 5/new iPhone is less than a month away from being announced and introduced in a room full of investors and developers. So, what exactly should the world be expecting with the new iPhone?

A bigger screen. Screen sizes today are all up from four inches. In fact, the only screen smaller than that is on budget devices, and, you guessed it- the iPhone 4s. Judging by the slurries of rumors, the new iPhone will include a 4 inch (or larger) display with that good ol' Retina technology that makes Apple so famous.

Unibody design, like every other Apple product right now. Let's be honest here, when it comes to product design, the iPhone has always been somewhat of a lone star device- very rarely following the same design patterns of Apple's simultaneous product offerings. However, if rumors and pictures prove true, the new iPhone will come with a beautiful metallic backing and rim, with only the areas around the camera and the radio (top and bottom) featuring glass. So yes, this will be better for you kids who can't prevent yourselves from dropping your phone. On the street. In New York. Without a case. Because you're cheap.

Smaller Charging Port/Dock Connector. This one has been long awaited and long predicted- the dreaded demise of the clunky, decade old charging port and dock connector that first wielded it's ugly head with the original iPod back in 2001. But for some odd reason, Apple still refuses to get with the times and adopt a USB port like the rest of the world. Can't they just make our lives easier? Nope.

iOS 6. Okay, not gonna lie- this one was sort of obvious. But hey, iOS 6, like every new iOS update, is a big fucking deal. Maps has been gutted, re-done and repackaged, and completely designed from the ground up by Apple, casting away their dependence on Google for good. Siri will be coming with some minor improvements (but who besides the helpless and the people in commercials ACTUALLY use Siri?). Also, like Apple did with Twitter back in 2011 with iOS 5, the latest and greatest will come sporting Facebook integration, which makes it so much easier to share stuff it's ridiculous. But you know, having social media integration takes a long time... and it's not like Android AND webOS have had it for years... Not. At. All.

Bigger, Better, Flashier Everything. Come on kids... it's Apple! Every new rendition of the iPhone (or anything else) is always better. Even when you think they've just about done it all, they do it better the next time. And hey, nobody's complaining! Expect a faster phone with a quad core CPU, more RAM, and better camera's.

So... there you have it. That is the iPhone 5 in a nutshell (unless all the rumors are totally and completely wrong, which means you can blame everybody else but us). It should be a faster, smarter, and better phone than the iPhone 4s ever was... and, as has been mentioned, that's not too surprising. Stay tuned for more updates as they roll out over the next few weeks! There's bound to be more news soon!

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