Monday, June 4, 2012

Tim Cook at D10: A Recap

A few nights ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook made an appearance at D10- the conference held yearly by AllThingsD, one of the top technology websites and the tech team for The Wall Street Journal. Here, Cook answered a lot of what Apple fans have been wondering, especially the billion dollar question: what are things like without Steve Jobs? Cook felt that Apple needed to “move on” and “continue with the journey”- creating new products despite the lack of their creator, Steve. Cook, who is a master in operations, made a hint at Apple’s desire to bring more manufacturing to the US- just like it used to be with the company back in the 90s. Cook also revealed the company will be “doubling down” on secrecy- no longer revealing information as loosely as they have in the past months since Steve’s death. Although nothing came from Apple directly, Cook says that there was an issue with manufacturers that basically don’t know how to keep their mouths in check with classified information. From the interview however, one could see that Cook has finally started to come out and talk to tech folks about Apple, which Steve Jobs did very rarely, and when he did, it was pretty much only at the D conferences throughout the last ten years.

Watch it for yourself, here.

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