Monday, June 11, 2012

OS X Mountain Lion Coming This July

Since most people pretty much know everything about OS X Lion (since, well, not much has really changed since it was first previewed) , we're going to do just that. Give it a quick brief preview outlining what you NEED to know about it. Like iOS, OS X Mountain Lion comes with over 200 new features (either Apple just really likes that number, or they get really lucky when designing new software). These features include the following:

iCloud... But (Possibly) Better...

iCloud is one of the first things an OS X user will see during the setup process, and whether this is good or bad- it's happening kids. Despite Apple saying that iCloud has improved, it will take the Gold Master Beta to determine the validity of that rather powerless statement.

Messages. On iOS and now on OS X.

Apple decided to bring it's messenger app over to OS X. And like the name suggests, it's a messenger app. Luckily, the new software integrates the iOS version, meaning that everything will (hopefully) be more streamlined and will finally bring the world closer to an AIM-less state. Yay.

Notification Center. Like iOS, but SO MUCH Better

Let's be honest, Notification Center in iOS SUCKS ASS. It's one of the worst features of the OS. It's slow, annoying, buggy as hell, not apparent to the end user, and difficult to access. Luckily, such is quite the opposite for OS X's version. It's fast. It's apparent. It's not too obvious, but it's not difficult to find and use. And, wait a minute, it works! Need I go on?

I'm Gonna Take a Power Nap. Brb. 

Sorry, that was super cheesy... but it shows what Apple is trying to say. OS X Mountain Lion has a cool new feature that allows users to update their sleeping computers, despite being asleep. Which means, of course, that OS X users will no longer require the chore of having to update things around the OS and, you know, waste so much valuable time on keeping everything fresh.

Dicatation. No, not Diction. Learn to read, Idiot. 

Okay, out of all the new features, this is the one that I'm most excited about. Anywhere (and I mean ANYWHERE) where you can type, you can now talk. Which again allows you to retire your exhausted finger from doing too much work. I mean, carpal tunnel is really becoming a problem now a days with having to type every hour or so.

Sharing is caring.

In most OS X Apps (more specifically Safari) much in the same style as iOS, you can now share webpages, comments, tweets, twits- anything you can think of- with your personal world of technology engulfed idiots. Oh, and it's easy too.

Other Shtuff.

OS X Mountain Lion has, like iOS 6, over 200 brand new features that make it better (or worse, depending on how you look at it) than OS X Lion and the competition. Like iOS 6, OS X Mountain Lion will be embracing tight Facebook and Twitter integration, allowing users to share whatever is on their minds whenever they please. Airplay Mirroring will also be available on the new OS, which is undoubtedly going to be very ideal for education customers. Everybody's favorite Game Center will also be making a splash in OS X for the first time, finally standing as something to compete with Microsoft and Xbox 360 integration in the upcoming Windows 8 and the current Windows Phone 7. The last feature I'd like to mention (I'm callin' the shots now, buster) is Gatekeeper. What is it? Like all Apple Apps, it works in the way it sounds. The new app serves as a fortress to protect from unwanted applications, and allows users to choose what they want to download or see over the web or the App Store. Why is this significant? Quite obviously, this will be the first time that Apple places the police badge into the hands of the users. And I'll be quite frank- it's pretty fucking cool.

OS X Mountain Lion will be available on all Intel Core 2 Duo Macs and up starting this July for a reasonable price of only twenty bucks. And as you know, for any operating system to be that inexpensive is quite significant, especially against companies like Microsoft that charge hundreds of dollars for just upgrades. Anyway, look out for OS X Lion very soon.

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