Monday, June 4, 2012

Halo 4 is Lookin' Good So Far

Almost eleven years ago, the very first Halo title hit the shelves, Halo Combat Evolved. Two years ago, the last game made by its original developer Bungie was released, Halo Reach. And this fall, the fourth installment to the main series of games is coming. It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s unlike any Halo game ever made before. Which truly begs the question- why now? Why on an aging console that is planned to be replaced in two or three years? Well, although there is no answer for this besides the green answer, Microsoft is fully planned to release this baby in November, following suit with every Halo game ever made. The title involves everybody’s favorite hero, the Master Chief, his artificial intelligence babe, Cortana, and the evil Covenant forces. But this time, there’s a new threat, a new evil. And hey, it actually relates to the original plot of the story!

Check out the new trailers and gameplay videos from E3 right here!

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