Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Google I/O Is Tomorrow @9:30AM PT

Here we are again a year later. Google I/O! And what a sweet I/O it shall be. Google is set to announce Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (sorry kids, it's probably only an incremental update, nothing big enough to require a 5.0), the Nexus Tablet running said beans of gelatin, Google Maps for iOS (because you know, Apple changed the default maps to their own system), a new Google TV update, and more. Then there's the major speculation. Maybe a demo of Google Glass? Or how about an Android competitor to Apple's AirPlay? An answer to Apple's Siri? Or how about a major unexpected reveal to knock us off our feet? I mean, come on... it is Google I/O after all... Check the area below this post to see the times for YOUR location. The keynote is going to be streamed via the website provided below as well... which means everything should be covered for you out of country people or just the folks who couldn't make it.

06:30AM - Hawaii
08:30AM - Alaska
09:30AM - Pacific
10:30AM - Mountain
11:30AM - Central
12:30PM - Eastern
01:30PM - São Paulo
05:30PM - London
06:30PM - Paris
08:30PM - Moscow
01:30AM - Tokyo (June 28th)
02:30AM - Sydney (June 28th)

Source Google's I/O Site

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