Monday, June 11, 2012

Apple Announces New MacBook Pro Family

Even though Apple has pushed a lot of focus into their mobile devices like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, we've always known that Apple still loved making the best notebooks on the planet. I mean, who else does the entire industry copy besides Apple? That's right- nobody.

And, as expected, Apple hit yet another home run today with a refreshed line of MacBook Pro notebook machines. And they come in three flavors- a 13 inch model and a 15 inch model (yes, say goodbye to the obnoxiously large 17 inch device) with the same outward appearance of the current products, but with fiery new internals that definitely make them stand out in the crowd when compared to similar products on the market, as well as their predacessors. However, what Apple really had to show off today was the new 15 inch MacBook Pro. And interestingly enough, Apple is labeling the new MacBook as a "next generation" product- inferring perhaps that all MacBooks will be like this someday?

The new 15 inch model comes with a beautiful retina display. And yes, just like the iPad and the iPhone, it is almost impossible to distinguish pixels from each other. Along with the popping new display is a slimmer chassis- 25% thinner to be exact. Like the MacBook Air (which was also mildly refreshed today), the new 15 inch Pro features solid state storage as standard, a long battery life, and as a result of cutting the fat off, a far lighter body. How light? It's only 4 and a half pounds of laptop.

And although you have to be thinking to yourself- holy shit that can't possibly be affordable!- It can. And it is. The new 15 inch pro costs only $2199. And if you aren't a moron and you don't have some ideal that everything Apple is extremely expensive, think again. For what this thing has, at this time, for this price... the new "next gen" MacBook is very cheap.

All new devices are available today, and if you purchase from everybody's favorite Apple Online Store, shipping is, as usual, free. So what the hell are you waiting for? You know you want a new MacBook, and you KNOW you've been waiting for this moment to get one! So go ahead now! Buy this thing! Because trust me, it doesn't (yet) get better than this.

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