Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Your Android Carrier is an Evil Liar

About six months ago I purchased a Droid X2, which at the time was only two or so months old. At the time, I bought it in anticipation that it would be essentially "future proof" since it possesses a dual-core processor and half a gigabyte of RAM. Mind you, this was before a full gigabyte was "the thing". Regardless, I made the purchase, and was not initially impressed with Android 2.3 at all. I find it to be very buggy now as I did then. However, in anticipation of Android 4.0, now known as Ice Cream Sandwich, I decidedly bit the bullet and figured I'd play the waiting game.

Enter six months later. Motorola has no intention of upgrading the Droid X2 to Android ICS. Why? Because it has only 512 GB of RAM. But lets be honest here, that's a real cop out excuse. For a device that is barely a year old not to receive the latest and greatest software is just ridiculous. But it isn't just Motorola. And it isn't just the Droid X2. There are multiple devices across multiple manufacturers that don't plan to upgrade YOUR Android device. And what is it all for?

The answer to that question, is the money in your pocket. No, I'm not skeptical (although we all know that's a terrible fib). Because seriously, why else would they refuse to upgrade phones with the hardware capable to run a goddamn desktop operating system? And who are they to stomp their foots on the ground, shrug their shoulders, and say no? Because it will cost the company to develop yet another flawed skin to cover up the already attractive Android to look more like it's fruity counterpart?

People need to start questioning these corporations. There is no reason why my six hundred dollar phone should be neglected, or why I should just sit here and take it. I do know one thing, I'm not going to purchase a Motorola phone again anytime soon. Or any other manufacturer's device that limits the potential of a perfectly speedy product. No sir.

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