Monday, May 28, 2012

Hey Kids, It's Speculation Time!

See that image above? That's a magical place of wonder known to us normal people as San Jose. But to the tech industry, that there is Silicon Valley. The land of microchips, software, fruit-powered laptops, and crazy people who's names rhyme with Koogle. We're currently approaching June. Which means one thing- the World Wide Developers Conference that Apple holds every year. And it's the first one without Steve Jobs.

But cheer up, young lads! This is a time of excitement! Apple has yet to upgrade the current iPhone 4s and iPod lines. And MacBooks. And iMacs. And- wait. If you haven't noticed this yet, something odd has been going on with Apple. They haven't pushed any major updates onto their products in almost a year now. Well, to be more precise, since the death of Steve Jobs. So yes, Steve does have something to do with this. Or at least, maybe he does.

It's been a long time since I've speculated. Or talked about what is going on with Apple. First off, for those of you unaware, I love Apple. I will never rid of my beloved Apple products. Even if they break. Or die. Or become outdated. I love Steve Jobs. When he died, a little part of me did as well. I idolize(d) him. I always will. So, I'm not hating on Apple at all here. But like a mother of a teenage child, I am a little concerned. I mean, what the hell happened Apple? Where did you go off to? Just because Steve is gone, doesn't mean the momentum has to go with it! Sure, your products are selling like hotcakes. But they're outdated. Steve would never let that happen.

Yet, it most certainly has. The last update to an Apple product that can be considered "major" was the introduction of the iPad 2. Last time I checked, that was more than a year ago. A year ago. See, whenever you think Apple has made the latest and greatest thing, they one-up it with something even better. That's just how Apple is. And because they've done it time and time again without failure, we come to expect it. Because hey- why shouldn't we?

Remember, whatever Apple does, so do the other guys. Notice how there hasn't really been any other new or revolutionary updates to existing Android and PC products? Hmmm... I wonder what's going on... But I really don't. The trends have always been the same, and they will likely continue to be the same. Unfortunately, the lack of momentum from Apple has a domino effect on the entire industry, and everyone has been feeling the pain. Notice how I haven't really posted much new stuff lately? There really isn't anything that interesting to talk about right now.

So, what is to come from Apple? Well, the company is (from all sources out there) looking to be finishing up what is destined to be an iPhone 5, working on a new iPad that can either be smaller or more featured or both, finishing up designs on a new MacBook Pro that brings the power of the current line with the sleekness of the Air, and some new iPods.

And... I'm going to leave it at that. Apple, get your momentum back- for all of us! Everybody else, pick up the slack, get some originality! I know none of these companies will be reading this, but hey, I speak for the good of the techies. And we want some new toys dammit. Some cool toys. Like those Google Glasses. Those would be nice.

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