Saturday, April 21, 2012

Samsung Vs. Apple: Really Settled?

Finally, after almost two years of crazy court battles, pointing fingers, allegations of theft, Steve Jobs rolling in his grave, and multiple tablets being pulled off retail store shelves all across the planet, the battle has ended. Apple and Samsung have been forced to bow their heads, shake hands, and walk away from this somehow unscathed. Or will they? What are the true plans for both companies looking forward? What will Apple do now that Samsung is essentially free to do whatever they want? What will Samsung do now that Apple won't be shoving subpoena after subpoena down their throats?

Lets look at this first as what it really is: Apple and Samsung have been forced to stop fighting like possessive children over that awesome toy laying on the floor. Because all kids LOVE toys, right? And this little toy happens to be really popular. All their friends want one. But only one of the kids are allowed to have it. And the parents are sort of just willing to watch them argue. Well, until they started wrestling on the floor for the toy. That's when things got ugly.

Pardon the obnoxious analogy, but it is true. Patent wars exist because the patent system not only in the states but across the pond and everywhere else is just as horrible, if not worse. And to be honest, there really isn't anything we can do about it.

Because of this, it's best just to look at the positive side of things- Apple and Samsung are FINALLY prepared to agree to disagree. Lets get real here- people like choice, and although companies want you to choose their product over the competition, they don't want anything that can threaten their business. Well, except Apple. Apple wants to rule the earth. But that's them, and that has always been the "Apple way" of going about things.

And come on guys, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S II are going to look like the iPad and the iPhone. Why? Because you can't make a damned tablet look like a circle. Or a triangle (although The Office makes it look pretty cool). Also, users look for the same thing in the Galaxy Tab as they do in the iPad, the Motorola Xoom, and every other tablet.

Both parties vouched for a Magistrate Judge Settlement in order to bypass further legal action. However, if either company is unable to reach agreement, then a trial will be set for late July. The legal battle between Apple and Samsung involves more than twenty lawsuits in ten different countries.

And hopefully this time, they'll reach some sort of agreement. Hopefully.

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