Wednesday, February 8, 2012

'Fall of the Space Core' mod mixes Portal and Skyrim

Although it isn't a review, this is just too cool, I couldn't help but share it.
(The Verge) Remember that time you thought it'd be awesome if you could mash up Portal andSkyrim into some epic supergame? Valve does. Exploiting Bethesda's freshly released Skyrim Creation Kit, the team at Valve has put together a Space Core mod, which literally drops a Portal 2 personality core out of the sky and into the realm of Tamriel. You can pick up the hardy little orb and tote it around with you — it's pretty much indestructible and its major purpose is to babble uncontrollably using the vocal talents of Nolan North. This has clearly been a quick and fun little demo of what Bethesda's mod-making tools can do, though there's a tantalizing promise contained in the title of the project, it's called Fall of the Space Core, Vol.1. Valve's Steam service has also hooked into the new Creation Kit, allowing you to search for Skyrim mods, rate them, and upload your own, just like Valve has done.

Skyrim Fall of the Space Core, Vol. 1

Creation Kit & Skyrim Workshop Preview

Source The Verge

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