Saturday, September 24, 2011

Facebook Timeline: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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On Thursday, Facebook CEO and professional profile stalker Mark Zuckerberg passionately and emotionally announced the future of the world's largest social network. Facebook has been blessed with a plethora of features that will forever change the way it is used, enjoyed and the way in which we interact with people online.

We've already gone over the details of the immediate features of Facebook as a service. However, we barely scratched the surface of Facebook's personal ties with the user. This is most evident in the platform's new rendition on your "profile".

However, it's barely a profile anymore. It's reached beyond that of a personal display of information. Instead, users will be able to experience a scrolling "timeline" (hence the name) of their existence on Facebook.

Friends, family, posts, likes, pages, subscriptions, photos, videos and everything you've ever done. It's there, and it's hard to believe Facebook actually took track of the thousands of statuses users have put up all these years.

However, the interface still feels like a beta. It's glitchy, sometimes it doesn't even appear and the design itself is questionable. But that doesn't mean anything for the final release. Remember, it's an early developer beta.

Also, we seriously cannot stand the blocky layout of posts, photos, videos and what not. It's inconsistant and very irritating.

The software should be released to the public in a few months or so, but we still have yet to see the chances that Facebook will bring to this beta software. Other than the fixable quirks, we really like the idea of it and it's potential as a radical change to social networking as a whole.

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