Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Game Console Price Cuts: PS3, Wii, PSP

With a whole new line of mobile and home consoles coming in 2012, along with many of them already here, it's easy to see why prices would be cut down to give users a reason to buy last year's products (although in reality, all of these consoles are five years old or more). The PS3 will be receiving worldwide price cuts- $249, ¥24,980 and €249 for the 160 GB slim model. The 320 GB model will also be receiving a generous price reduction- to $299. The PSP will also be marked down to €99 and will be a Europe exclusive. The product is also receiving a makeover- a new matte finish to match the PS3 and a thinner body. To cut costs, Sony decided to axe the WiFi- but with all the issues it's had over the years, we don't see this as too big of a loss. Those desiring the ability to download games, will be able to do so through Sony's media go software on Windows and Mac OS X. As if this all wasn't cool enough, Nintendo also announced a price reduction for the Nintendo Wii- however, it looks as though it will be exclusive to Europe as well. The marked down Wii will also be blessed with a face lift- a new slimmer profile that's designed to sit horizontally- which should rid of issues that occurred when the current device would fall over. Check out the source links below for more details, and don't forget to write!

Source: Nintendo, This is my next (PS3), This is my next (PSP E-1000)

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