Saturday, August 13, 2011

City of Cupertino Releases Detailed Apple Spaceship Pictures

We really wish we could live in this thing, it's so beautiful. The city of Cupertino, who will be approving Apple's new building plans for their new spaceship-like campus that'll be completed in 2015 has released some new pictures of the super structure. The new building, which is replacing an old Hewlett Packard parking lot, will be able to house over 20,000 people and takes up a small part of the 150 acres of land the company has acquired, and will feature a beautiful surrounding of trees and landscape that will actually increase plant life in the area. Since the mayor himself has gone on record as saying that there was no way they would possibly reject the plans- with consideration that Apple is the largest taxpayer in the city- production and final approval should probably be coming up soon, and we're likely to see construction sometime in 2013. In retrospect, this new building is comparable to the Pentagon, and is actually able to properly contain the same number of walking meat people- which brings us to ponder whether or not Apple plans to begin world domination with this new mothership of a building. Don't hesitate to check out some more beautiful renders of the building at the source link, and don't forget to chip in your two cents in the comments below!

Source: 9to5Mac

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