Friday, July 22, 2011

Games to Play Before You Die: Halo Combat Evolved

If you didn't see this one coming... well, shame on you. Perhaps one of the best and most influential first person shooters of the 00's is Halo: Combat Evolved. As the title suggests, HCE was very different from "competing" titles. It only allowed the player to carry two weapons at a time. You had a shield, but it wasn't super protective like in Quake, and the storyline was simply fantastic, something comparable to the awesome work of the Half-Life series. Halo was also one of the first titles to be released with the launch of the original Xbox- the console that in retrospect, changed the entire gaming industry. This wasn't your typical "console shooter"- it was fast, graphically intense, beautiful, responsive and simply amazing. Perhaps if it weren't for Halo, the true power of the Xbox wouldn't have been realized, and it wouldn't have boomed into such a huge market, getting ever so close from eradicating the FPS genre from PC exclusivity. Halo is set in a future world, where humans are at war with a union of alien races known as the covenant. You play as the last of a powerful race of surgically-enhanced super soldiers known as spartans. You are John-117, the Master Chief. The outcome of the war is reliant on your ability to seize the covenant from controlling a super weapon in the form of the ring, with many other super cool surprises along the way. Let's just be clear mom and dad, this is a violent game. Sure, you're not supposed to kill people, but rather, monstrous aliens. Still, there is graphic violence and adult situations, so keep the exposure of this game around kids to the bare minimum. If you would like to Pick up a copy of Halo: Combat Evolved, it's available for Windows, OS X (good luck finding it though), Xbox and off of the Xbox Live Arcade for only ten bucks. In fact, in only about two months, Microsoft will be re-releasing the game under a totally new graphics engine and with a super awesome online multiplayer. Overall, this game is worth the ten bucks and then some, and will keep even an experienced FPS gamer about ten hours to complete and the novice a few hours more.

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