Wednesday, July 27, 2016

History Made: Hillary Clinton Becomes First Woman Nominee For Major US Political Party

Last night, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton broke the largest glass ceiling in the history of the United States of America when she officially won the nomination of the Democratic Party.

Secretary Clinton has been fighting for her entire life in defense of human rights, women's rights and, most recently, LGBTQ+ rights. She is a true champion of the people- that is absolutely undeniable.

What about Clinton's background? She is among the most experienced politicians to run for the office of the president, having served as a law professor, First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, Senator of New York and Secretary of State under President Obama. You cannot deny the weight her resume carries.

Last night, Bernie Sanders finally and truly conceded the election to Clinton when he moved to suspend the roll call vote and reflect all votes to nominate her as the official candidate for the Democratic Party in the 2016 election- but not before hearing the final vote from Democrats Abroad presented by his brother Larry Sanders and his heartfelt tribute to their parents.

Both women and men leaned in together in tears. Both women and men, Black and White, Asian and Latino, Jewish and Muslim, young and old, all sharing in a moment of history and rejoice as our country took yet another step to revolutionize the role of women in the political landscape.

Whether you are a lifelong Democrat or a staunch Republican, devoted to the Green Party or a self-identifying Libertarian, this was truly a moment to be proud of.

This is what makes America great. Not great again, just great.

If we work together to further unite behind the principle of equality for all, we can make America even greater than it is today. There's no denying that there is still a lot of work to be done.

I'm immensely proud that Secretary Clinton was officially made the nominee of the Democratic Party, just as I was immensely proud when Barack Obama won the nomination and the presidency in 2008 and again in 2012. We have taken so many steps forward as a country.

Progressive values are what unite this country and bring people together. Social Justice, an imperative in the Reform movement of Judaism, is what guides the Democratic Party, and is why I believe they will lead us to prosperity and a realization of that special dream for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When we are united together, when we work together, when we live together, when we pray together, when we march together and when we speak out together we are stronger.

The Office of the President needs a leader with the experience, the temperament, the respect and the grace to represent our country to the world. Do not forget that the POTUS is the face of our nation to all other nations. When we make decisions, when we hold elections, the entire world is watching. We cannot let ourselves down and we cannot disappoint the international community by making the wrong choice this November.

We cannot succumb to hatred, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, homophobia or anything that will further divide this great nation. We cannot and will not give in.

I've never been more proud, I've never been more excited, I've never been more grateful to be a Democrat. As scary as this election has become, I know in my heart that the American people will fight hard to let the world know that we are behind "The Real One."

#ImWithHer #StrongerTogether #WeThePeople

Monday, July 25, 2016

Thank You, Bernie.

I cried last night. I cried because I knew the incredible campaign Bernie Sanders had created was coming to an end. I cried because I have never fallen so in love with a politician before, because never before have I found a figure that I resonated with quite this much. I cried because I knew Bernie has already changed this country for the better, even if he didn't win the nomination.

So now we must all say: 

Thank you, Bernie. Thank you for believing in us, even when we didn't believe in ourselves. Thank you for starting a political revolution that brought people of all walks of life together. Thank you for empowering people to stand up and take action against injustice. Thank you for pursuing justice in the way you always have and we always needed to. 

Thank you for calling out the frightening decline of the middle class and the need to address the major issue of economic inequality and how the top one tenth of the top one percent of people in this country own more wealth than the bottom ninety percent. 

Thank you for advocating for a real living wages, instead of taking cues from the other guy who wants to abolish the federal minimum wage altogether. 

Thank you for always fighting for civil rights. Whether it be the rights of African Americans, the LGBTQ+ community, Latinos, Muslims and everyone in this country who has been marginalized and mistreated- thank you, Bernie, for fighting for them. Thank you for fighting for all of us.

Thank you for defending a woman's right to choose, and thank you for recognizing that the government has no place deciding what a woman does with her body. And while we're at it, thank you for always advocating for equal pay for men and women. It is ridiculous that we live in a country where both of these things are still a YUGE issue. 

Thank you for having a strong voice for the American people to listen to regarding the devastating realities of Climate Change. You have listened to the pleas of the scientific community and you have recognized their expertise and taken their advice to heart. You believe in leaving behind a sustainable home for our children and our children's children, and for that we thank you.

Thank you for your fight for tuition-free college. You recognized that there were too many young people being bogged down and having their lives consumed by student loan debt, and you sought to change it. Now, the Democratic Party Platform has adopted a large portion of your proposal, which is incredible. When many of us leave school and are able to live our lives untainted by immense debt we will remember how hard you fought, and for that, we thank you. 

Thank you for conceding the election to Secretary Clinton. You know that this election wasn't about Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or even Donald Trump. This election was about moving America forward and progressing us into a new century of excellence that builds off the legacy of Barack Obama.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of valuing everyone. You know it doesn't matter where people come from, what they believe in, who they love or how they identify themselves. You know that our differences only bring us closer together. We thank you- all of us, not just a few. 

Thank you, Bernie. Your revolution shaped the Democratic Party. Your revolution impacted our country irrevocably. Our children and their children will look back and study the incredible movement you started in this country. You may have lost the battle, but you won the war. Thank you for fighting. Thank you for being you

Quick Convention Recap (7/25/16)

First of all, it was incredibly refreshing to watch a convention that was marked not by chaos, anger and fear, but rather love, unity and forward thinking. Second, I think we can all agree that tonight was emotional for many people, myself included. I nearly came to tears near the end of Michelle Obama's speech and was sobbing privately while Bernie Sanders spoke. 

The true power in the words of Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey kept everyone on their feet- in Philadelphia and at home. It almost makes you wonder why Clinton didn't have Booker higher up on her shortlist, but that's forgivable considering his youth and how fresh he is to the US Senate. 

Who can forget the emotional and personal convictions of Michelle Obama, a woman who is perhaps the most graceful and popular FLOTUS in American history, words with such power and truth as, "I wake up every morning in a house built by slaves" and "don't let anyone tell you that our country isn't great, that somehow we need to make it great again, because right now, this is the greatest country on earth." How incredible it was that Obama was able to say everything she needed to say about the 2016 Election while completely omitting the name of Donald Trump. One thing is agreeable: there has never been and will never be again someone like Michelle Obama in the White House. Tonight was further evidence of how greatly she will be missed.

Senator Elizabeth Warren knocked it out of the figurative park tonight with her incredible charge against Donald Trump, calling him "a man who only cares for himself." But she also attempted to reach out to the multitude of disenfranchised electorate by imploring them, "Now is not the time to stand by. Now is the time to stand up. Now is the time to say no. No. Not here. Not in these United States of America."

New Day, New Look, New Direction: Moving Forward

As you all know, I've become less and less invested in consumer technology and the issues surrounding it. I feel a duty to use my voice to impact people and promote change.

As a young Jewish man with intentions on applying to Rabbinical School at the completion of my undergraduate career, I feel driven by Jewish values to speak out against hatred and bigotry. I recently spoke about these values in a recent sermon given at my local Hillel Jewish Student Center.

Here's a brief recap of those values in italics:

In times of uncertainty, we turn to Torah and we turn to our sages for help. Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) is a value embodied in the Jewish spirit. How do we work to achieve Tikkun Olam, and what other values do we turn to in order to truly repair a broken world?

Kavod- respect- teaches us to value and love others regardless of who they are, what they believe, and how they live their lives so that they feel important and cared for.

Lifnei Aver- inclusiveness- teaches us to never leave anyone behind or make it difficult for any person to succeed. True success is when everyone is involved and everyone is included, and no community is complete without diversity.

K’vod HaB’riot- honoring humanity- is our most important and timeless value. Every life has great value, every person has great importance, and everyone deserves respect.

V’ahavta l’reacha Kamocha- love your neighbor as yourself- a value in Judaism so important that it is repeated in different forms innumerable times throughout the Torah. It is also so universal that the concept is taught as the “golden rule” to treat others the way you want to be treated.

We have reached a scary point in our country's history where the United States is starting to turn in the direction Weimar Germany turned to in the 1930s.

I am not saying the Holocaust is looming over. I am not saying that Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler reincarnated. I am not saying that the Republican Party is evil.

I am, however, saying that I am worried for our future. I am worried for our future as a country, I am worried for our future on the world stage and I am worried for our future as a nation of diversity and inclusion.

The Republican Party's candidate for the 2016 election has raised many eyebrows and proven he is temperamentally unfit to be president.

Donald Trump does not want us to be inclusive. He does not want us to work together.

He scares me. He scares many people. Even if he isn't Adolf Hitler, his rhetoric, his policy "proposals" (because let's be honest, he hasn't actually told us how he would do any of the things he has promised he would do, and he is severely misinformed historically and presently in terms of existing policy) and his temperament matches that of multiple dictators throughout recorded human history.

Donald Trump is a serial liar. According to Pulitzer Prize winning source PolitiFact, Donald Trump has made 32 mostly false claims, 76 false claims, and a whopping 36 pants on fire claims. To be awarded the rating "pants on fire" one must produce a statement that is "not accurate and makes a ridiculous claim." Only 8 statements in his file, or 4% of the statements that have been fact checked out of a total of 203 claims have been found to be true. If that doesn't scare you, I'm sure the following facts about Donald Trump's candidacy will.

Donald Trump has called for a total and complete shutdown on Muslims entering the United States of America. Seriously. This happened. Read about it more here if you don't believe this is true. You cannot ban a religion from a country, especially not a country built on religious freedom. Yet Trump has gained immense following and support for his xenophobic proposal.

Donald Trump wants to build a border wall between Mexico and claimed Mexicans are bringing crime, drugs and are rapists... all on the night he announced his candidacy. We all know this famous and terrifying moment well, but it is worth reminding ourselves of the rhetoric that brought Trump to the forefront of American politics and helped him win the nomination of the Republican Party last week. Read more about that here.

Donald Trump mocked a reporter with a physical disability. Of the problematic statements Mr. Trump has made, this behavior is among the most concerning. Mocking a reporter with a clear physical disability and then denying such isn't a good way to appeal to "all Americans" as he claims he is the voice for. Don't believe me? Watch him do it here.

Donald Trump champions misogyny. He calls women fat pigs and dogs. He criticized Fox News Reporter Megyn Kelly for menstruation. He values appearance over intelligence with women and men frequently, but his words towards women are particularly inflammatory and inappropriate for any leader to utter.

So, go ahead. Be the judge. I find it horrifying that this man may become the next (and likely last) President of the United States of America. I find it horrifying that the GOP has put up this man as their candidate despite having no support from any living president and many important Republican Party leaders.

Hillary Clinton certainly has her faults. But she is kind and considerate. She has the temperament to be the leader of the free world. She has worked her entire life to benefit others and inspire real change with real legislation to make this country more inclusive, more loving and more united. So has her challenger, Bernie Sanders. Both have worked hard together with the Democratic Platform Committee to create the most progressive party platform in DNC history.

I can be proud to know I'm supporting a party that is working to unite people, not divide them. And I will do everything in my power to discuss and comment on the bigotry that has manifested in the "small, insecure money-grubber" that is Donald Trump.

Join me for the remainder of this campaign, as I speak on Jewish values and how they apply to my political worldview.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Editorial: Clinton Needs Sanders as VP

Allow me to begin by making the admission that I am very much a Senator Sanders supporter, I am very sympathetic to his agenda, and I believe he would be the best bet for the Democratic Party to win the White House come November.

But, being less of an idealist and more realistic, I also must admit that the numbers are in, and even though Sanders still has a faint chance of clinching the nomination by swaying remaining and unpledged superdelegates to his progressive camp, the reality is that the math isn’t in his favor and that such an event would only be likely if Hillary were to be indicted. Hillary won’t be indicted. It just isn’t a realistic event, the FBI would have made a move months ago if the Benghazi “scandal” were truly as problematic as the GOP has made it out to be.

Clinton hasn’t earned the presidency, but she certainly has earned the nomination. She’s not only stood behind the progressive yet bipartisan agenda of former President Bill Clinton as First Lady, but she has also served as the dynamic and influential Senator of New York, and as the obligatory “war hawk” Secretary of State under President Barack Obama. She was, in the minds of Democratic officials in 2008, the obvious choice for the nomination before Barack Obama led in pledged delegates and ultimately superdelegates to win the nomination and the presidency.

These past eight years we have all been waiting for a second Clinton run, and most progressives and staunch Democrats were prepared for a sweep as she would become our eventual nominee this coming July at the Democratic Convention. But then came Senator Sanders, and with him, an electorate she just couldn’t capture in the 19 contests that Sanders won.

All said, Clinton is ready to be President of the United States: she’s aced her exams, she earned her Latin Honors and then some, and she’s received her diploma. She’s had plenty of cooperative / experiential learning semester rotations, and she’s ready to take on the job of the Presidency.

But Clinton is missing an important piece that will decimate her these next six months and culminate in a Trump Presidency come November: nobody is as enthusiastic about her as they are her opponent Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders draws crowds of thousands, to the point where most people stand in the overflow just for the chance to hear his gravelly yet reassuring call to action against real issues. Sanders’ passion for campaign finance reform, income and wealth inequality, climate change, immigration, medicare, and racial justice has positioned him as the most progressive figure in American politics since FDR, and that has become very important to independents and millennials. The latter demographic is turning out like never before, and possibly never again if Sanders does not have a place on the ticket in November.

REALITY CHECK. Sanders appeals to essential demographics: millennials, white males, Muslim-Americans, and independents. However, he does not have the same overwhelming support Clinton has from Latinos, African Americans, and women.

It seems more evident than ever that if the Democrats are to truly unify the party and defeat Trump in November, something has to give. I believe that something is a ticket with Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders. The result could be the largest voter turnout in American history, but more importantly, a strong coalition against the misogynistic xenophobe that is Donald Trump.  

Let me put this as clearly as I can: while I respect Republicans and their nomination process (I loathe the Democratic Party taking the voice from the electorate and placing it in the hands of party officials), I cannot respect Donald Trump as the presumptive nominee, and I cannot morally accept the notion of a Trump Presidency. The only YUGE thing that would come of it would probably be an unhealthy blend of foreign and domestic conflict that would tarnish the legacy of Barack Obama and be a one-two punch to progressive policy that has made us so much more respected in the international community.

We simply cannot afford a Trump Presidency, but neither can the Republican Party. It is beyond problematic that voices such as Paul Ryan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Lindsay Graham and many more have distanced themselves from Trump, some even breaking their pledge to support the Republican nominee in November. While Paul Ryan cannot just walk away from the convention, being that he is the most powerful party official and chair of the Republican National Convention, he has said that he is “just not ready” to back Trump. Condemning Trump isn’t an option either, especially if Ryan seeks to make a run in 2020, something that has turned from speculation to truth in the eyes of many Republican loyalists.

And then you have Sarah Palin, the catastrophic hot mess that is the undeniable poster child of the anti-establishment Tea Party movement that allowed Barack Obama an easy path to victory in 2008 and has been a hangnail on the index finger of the Republican Party ever since. It was inevitable that she would pledge her support to The Donald, and it’s no surprise that she’s taken every opportunity to go for the throat of Paul Ryan. It will be difficult to unify the party when such toxicity is celebrated by Trump supporters in opposition to the most powerful man in the Republican Party.

Trump is proof that the GOP has splintered far beyond repair. However, if he manages to unite the party these next six months, he will prove to be a powerful force against the Democratic ticket.

It is undeniable that Senator Sanders has irrevocably moved the Democratic Party far left of center, something unheard of in past primary contests, and something that will define this election as a watershed moment for our country. Are we a people defined by love or defined by hate? Ultimately, it is up to the electorate in the general election to decide. And perhaps if Secretary Clinton had the feather in her cap of Senator Sanders as her VP, it would be an easier argument to make to the millions of independents and millennials who are looking for a ticket that is genuine, experienced, and ready to take on a likely brutal contest these next six months.

Monday, September 14, 2015

On iPad Pro

It's no secret that tablets have taken the world by storm. 

When Steve Jobs famously unveiled the "magical" iPad for the first time in 2010, more than 5 years ago now, critics both marveled at its simplicity and spat at its ability. Nobody could have dreamed that it would make up almost all 10% of all PC sales and over 20% of all tablets sold. 

But it did. And even still the iPad continues to climb in popularity. 

So it's no secret that the best step for Apple was to develop a rival to the now ubiquitous Microsoft Surface. And they did. 

The iPad Pro is nothing short of a marvel. It packs a killer new A9X processing unit, which, graphics included, is worlds faster than the existing fastest iPad Air 2. With 4 GB of RAM for killer productivity, this is unlike anything we have seen in an iOS device before. What's even more impressive and exciting is a 12.9" display that runs iOS as beautifully and powerfully as iPad Pro. 

But what really makes the iPad Pro the ultimate surface killer isn't the specs, it isn't the display, and it isn't the name. Rather, it's the simplicity and continuity of the iPad line. 

The Pro remains a simple continuance of the iPad legacy. It's nothing more or less a giant iPad with the ability to connect to a killer folding keyboard and use a professional stylus. And yet, the iPad Pro is so different and so advanced. It's the most powerful iOS device to ever leave the factory. For many, it will become the only computer one would need. For most, it is the logical next step if you're already locked into a house or business full of Apple devices. 

For the company, this isn't a hard sell. It has the trusted legacy and beauty of previous products with the advancements of a device that it seems Apple was always dreaming of creating. 

Personally, I'm super excited to get my hands on what I believe to be the no-holds-barred future of computing. And unlike in 2010, I'm willing to bet most critics aren't so skeptical at such a statement. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tap Tap! The Apple Watch Review

7 A.M, I wake up to a gentle ringing and pick up my beautiful silver Apple Watch from the pseudo-charging cradle that lays beside my bed on a nightstand: it is time for another day with my latest toy and companion.

As I shower, watch on wrist, I shift through Bob Dylan and Joan Baez tracks while checking the weather and responding to late night texts I had missed. The watch, although quoted to be water resistant, is in actuality waterproof for short periods of time and ignorant to certain low water pressures.

On my drive to the office my watch vibrates with a reminder to call my friend David, who I easily ask Siri to call and I talk to from my watch. Is this real life? Sure is! The sound isn't tinny, it's not booming either, but just loud and clear enough to enjoy the conversation instead of dreading it.

Throughout the work day I receive dozens of light taps that don't annoy me the way my obnoxious Pebble did (vibrating so loud it would shake the table under my wrists). The Apple Watch notifies you with taps that almost feel human; light, gentle, graceful. Text from my parents. Text from my sister. Facebook like. Instagram like. Twitter mention. NYTimes update. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. This is what notifications should feel like. Most of the time I respond with Siri's brilliant built-in dictation, but I often just respond on my iPhone so as to look like less of a crazy person.

Dinner time, while the rest of my friends tap and swipe away at their smartphones, I sit and try to hold a conversation. I never noticed how truly distracted I am with my phone. It's scary, and it wasn't this way until a few years ago.

As I prepare for bed, after a long night of not-to-be-mentioned shenanigans, I plop my Apple Watch back onto the charger. No grace, due to the heavy buzz I'm feeling from the night. I remain connected through my MacBook Air, where, while enjoying Netflix, I continue to respond to friends until I pass out.


I have spent about a week with my Apple Watch. And just like life after MacBook, after iPhone, after Apple TV, after iPad, I cannot imagine life beforehand. What did I do without this wonderful assistant to my life? And more importantly, how is it that I only now see how our always-on lifestyle has crippled our social potential as humans?


The Apple Watch retains the same form factor in three gorgeous collections: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition. The sport, being the cheapest, lightest, and cleanest model (in my opinion) was the unit I chose for review and for keepsake. Specifically, I chose the 42 mm silver case with a white sport band. And, like most buyers, I'm readily awaiting my first extra black sport band.

It is worth noting that the Apple Watch, although coming in two case sizes, is probably best chosen in the 42 mm flavor. At the end of the day, the 38 mm model just isn't for most people. It's too small of a screen (despite being only 4 mm smaller!) and a case. But again, that is only my opinion and that of the bulk of buyers. When all's said and done, many people with smaller wrists (mainly women, according to the available data) will still flock to the smaller model.

And that is what is so wonderful about the Apple Watch: never before has Apple put out a device as personal as this. There are three cases, in two sizes per case, with two finishes per case collection. Apple Watch Sport comes in a silver case and a space grey (which is way way way too popular) casing, the Apple Watch comes in stainless steel and space black stainless steel, and the Apple Watch Edition comes in rose and yellow gold. There's really a lot to choose from.

And, it is very much worth noting that Apple Watch Sport is compatible with Apple Watch bands. So, when the summer comes to a close, I'm going to purchase a leather loop.

Apple Watch isn't thin like iPhone or MacBook or iPad- but it isn't supposed to be. It is meant to be large, defined, accessible, and noticeable. Yet, despite all of these wonderful qualities, it remains very light and very small compared to many watches I own. And personally, I think it is perfect.


Apple Watch may be a beautiful device to gawk at and wear, but the true genius and beauty of it exists within the software on the display.

What makes the Apple Watch so cool, so easy to use, and so accessible is how seamlessly it unites with my iPhone to deliver notifications in a way that I can finally decide what is worth giving attention to, and what isn’t. The biggest problem I find myself having with my iPhone is that answering notifications is WAY more involved than just that. I surf the web. I check Facebook, my email, who I haven’t texted in a while. Sometimes I even play a game. All the while, I’m losing time with friends, family, coworkers, and the world around me. I am so connected to my phone, that I’m disconnected from everything around it, and I’m not sure I like that anymore.

The Watch also comes with a killer activity app. It tracks overall movement, how often I stand up (and tells me when it’s time to do so), and working out (excessive movement) throughout my day. Have I burned enough calories? Should I stand up and move around a bit? Did I reach my goal for the day? What is my heartrate? Apple Watch will let me know. For some reason, Apple Watch has been the encouragement I’ve needed to be more active, and for Apple, this is a huge selling point. There is not yet a competing device that does what Apple Watch can.

Communicating with friends is both fun and easier. Instead of being relegated to texting, voice calls, and FaceTime on iPhone, I’m able to now send picture messages, my heartbeat (which is both cool and creepy), and some crazy new emojis. I’ve felt a little strange using dictation, the most incredible feature on Apple Watch, to respond to texts. But overall, it makes my life just that much easier. Text comes in. Tap tap. Respond. Done. There’s little to it, and it keeps me away from my phone.

The last big thing I would like to touch upon on the software side is watchfaces. Apple seems to love marketing its products through the means of an overarching threesome of features. For Apple Watch, it was being a great timepiece, a new and useful communication device, and a killer activity tracker.

Here is what really bothers me; I love watches, I love how they look and how they function, and I think the face of the watch is a really special and distinctive feature of owning one. What I can’t understand, is why Apple has such a limited selection of digital and pseudo-analog faces on the watch, and yet will not allow third-party ones on its App Store.

While highly customizable, Apple Watch faces just don’t pop like I hoped they would. They’re actually too simple. But this is an easy fix, and when all’s said and done, this specific issue can be amended through software.


There's no doubt: Apple Watch keeps me grounded. It keeps me close, yet far from my iPhone. It keeps me dedicated to the world around me and the tasks at hand. It brings me back to reality in a way no other smartwatch ever has. It looks amazing while doing so. I love my Apple Watch, and while it might be too early for many people to buy one, it was the right time for me.

In the future, Apple should consider lowering the cost of the sport and watch models by $49. $349 is much more attractive and reasonable than $399, because ultimately most people won’t want to buy a 38 mm Apple Watch when the 42 mm is just right.

Should you buy an Apple Watch? Probably. Is it worth the investment? Definitely. Is there anything out there even close to it? Nope.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Apple Watch Impressions

For a few months now, tech nerds have been gawking at Apple's newest and most promising edition to its family of products, the Apple Watch. But, until today, most end consumers haven't seen one in person, tried one on, or tested its interface. Starting at 12:01 AM PST (3:01 AM EST for me), Apple allowed consumers to preorder their own Apple Watch for delivery originally slated for April 24, the watches have already sold out, with projected delivery times (CNN Money) for new orders ranging anywhere from June to even August. The world has spoken: we want an Apple Watch.

You might be wondering, however, what it is like to wear an Apple Watch, how easy it is to use, and how useful it really is. So was I, until this morning.

I travelled to the Kenwood Towne Center in upper-Cincinnati Ohio today to experience for myself what it is like to wear and use an Apple Watch.

Last night, at 3:01 AM, I mistakenly only made a try-on appointment through Apple, instead of preordering the watch outright. And why wouldn't I? What if the watch I had done months of research on, wasn't the device I truly wanted?

So, I hopped in my car, made it to the mall around 11:15 AM, and waited for only about 15 minutes before an excited and friendly Apple employee shook my hand, and brought me over to one of Apple's traditional wooden tables. But this wasn't the table I expected. Through a few clumsy attempts to make it into the hidden drawer using only a specialized iPhone, out popped a secret Apple-esque compartment with about a dozen Apple Watches inside. There were two sport models, one space grey and one white, and the rest were Apple Watch models with every band known to Applekind. I tried many of them out myself, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I wanted the downright sexy space grey model with the black fluoroelastomer sport band.

And I tried it on. And I fell in love. The Apple Store employee shared my same affection for the watch, noting how he thought it was one of the only designs that would really go well with anything. That's just how I felt! How did he know?

Apple had actually begun a new set of training exercises to familiarize their employees with providing fashion advice to prepare for the unveiling of its newest product.

And rightfully so! I was incredibly impressed with the level of knowledge and confidence this employee had, even though you could tell I was one of the first customers he had assisted today.

Without hesitation, I asked if I could try a demo of the newest device.

It is worth noting that the 38 mm model is really a lot smaller than you would imagine. The 42 mm model, however, felt just right. Not too big, not too small. If Goldilocks designed a watch for herself, and also happened to have the techniques of Jonathan Ive, this is probably what she would have come up with.

Both Joshua Topolsky of Bloomberg Business and Nilay Patel of The Verge similarly noted that there was noticeable lagging in certain places throughout the new Apple Watch OS, but I couldn't find anything on the device that didn't flow smoothly as Apple's own commercials. That being said, they had a week with the product, I only had 30 minutes.

But those 30 minutes were incredible. Every piece of the Apple watch was meticulously designed, and if you held one in your hand, or wore it on your wrist, you would know just how well-built the device truly is.

And soon after, it was time to purchase a new Apple Watch for myself.

Hopefully Apple can produce watches faster, but either way, it looks as though it will be quite some time until I have one I can truly sit down and play with on my own terms.

The Apple Watch began pre-orders early this morning, April 10, and is expected to start shipping on April 24. Most stores do not yet carry Apple Watch Edition models for try-on appointments. Apple Watch starts at $349 for the Sport model and escalates to $17,000 for the edition.